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TheCommieOC: GOP Convention Buttons Show Sexism Reigns

The California Republican party is the gift that keeps on giving.  Despite being told they are losing their way with women, Latinos, Asians and young people, the Republican Party continues to shoot themselves in the foot with “popular’ buttons on the Anaheim Convention Center floor that belittle Hillary Clinton, women in general and “Liberals” which…

Latest Field Poll Looks Grim for Republicans in 2010

There’s this belief out there in Conservative-Land that the 2010 elections will mark the return of popularity to Republican politics.  Not. So. Fast. According to the latest Field Poll, voters have yet to embrace the Party of No. Here’s an excerpt from the story in today’s Los Angeles Times.

Young Democrats Surge In OC

I guess that OC isn’t such a Red County afterall. From the OCRegister on Friday. As changing demographics transform political map, young voters are at center of battle for county’s political future. By JESSICA TERRELL and KEEGAN KYLE The Orange County Register To understand the challenges facing the Republican Party in Orange County, all you…