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Wonkette Savages Dana Over Wikileaks Meeting and Pending Trump De-Brief

One of our favorite sites, Wonkette.com, takes a huge bite out of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s backside over his recent meeting with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and a pending de-brief of the meeting Dana is arranging with President Trump. From Wonkette: We’ve talked about Dana Rohrabacher, the good congressman representing Moscow, quite a bit lately. He’s…

Red County Wingnuts attribute Wikileaks to Private Manning’s Homosexuality

Whatever your opinions on the Wikileaks release of thousands of documents, Rich Swier’s (Editor of Red County) accusation that homosexuality is somehow linked to the release is absurd. “Once PVT Manning embraced the gay lifestyle he became deeply disturbed. His acceptance of the gay lifestyle and the friends he made both in and outside the military led him to what he is today – a traitor to his country.”