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Rolling Stone Magazine: GOP’s Crackpot Agenda

Rolling Stone Magazine’s political coverage has been sharp and detailed in its reporting, a far cry from the brilliant yet gonzo journalism style employed by the late Hunter S. Thompson, but this piece in the Magazine’s year end review details how the Republican party platform for the 2012 presidential race isn’t all that different from candidate to candidate.

Sanchez: “I’m siding with Orange County families not Wall St. firms”

“As we rebuild Orange County’s economy, we must put in place common-sense rules to ensure Wall Street and the Big Banks never again gamble with our money and our future,” said Rep. Sanchez. “Wall Street firms may be bouncing back, but Californians continue to suffer from the consequences of their actions. This bill is about whose side you’re on, and I’m on the side of working families.”

FinReg – Financial Regulation – Reform

Yesterday while listening to NPR, I heard someone explain in terms clearer than I’d heard to date what it means to have rules in place for how Wall Street, the investment banks, depository banks, and all the others operate. There’s no such thing as a truly and fully “free market” — the absence of regulation.…

WDYT: The Financial Crisis

As I write this now, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is already down 300 points and the Nasdaq Composite is falling 60 points just minutes after the Opening Bell. What’s rocking Wall Street is the total financial meltdown. Lehman Brothers, one of the oldest & (once) strongest institutional investment banks on Wall Street, is filing…