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Provisional and Late VBM Ballot Status for 69th and 72nd Assembly Contests


Neal Kelley at the Orange County Registrar of Voters has released the estimated number of Provisional and late Vote-By-Mail ballots remaining to be counted in the 69th and 72nd Assembly district contests. As we reported yesterday, these races have a significant number of outstanding ballots remaining to be counted which may effect the final placement of candidates in the top-two primary election.

Last Day for Vote by Mail and Early Voting

Today is the last day to request a Vote by Mail Ballot or to Vote Early. I’m avoiding the lines and voting by mail. What are you going to do to make sure your vote doesn’t get stumped? For more information please call (714) 567-7600 (and push “0″) or visit their website at: www.ocvote.com/mail or www.ocvote.com/early.…

How will voting be different this time in OC?

You’ve probably heard about the long lines at early voting locations in Florida, and voting machine problems in West Virginia. You may be wondering though; what about Orange County? Does this foretell problems like we experienced in 2006? Two years ago we had problems with our electronic voting equipment, not enough paper ballots, and two…