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The Road To Charlotte

I’ll be travelling to Charlotte, NC to cover the Democratic National Convention as credentialed press. While there I’ll be following a few delegates from Orange County’s delegation. One of those delegates, Dot De Leon, is a proud, Latina, take names and kick butts democrat, from the 39th Congressional District.

FedEx Volunteers Trash Anaheim Women’s Shelter [Updated]

When Je’Net Kreitner agreed to allow volunteers from FedEx Ground in Anaheim into her home, Grandma’s House of Hope, which also serves as a shelter for disabled and distressed women, she was not prepared for what was to happen. The team of 50 volunteers was supposed to remove the carpeting and replace it with laminate…

Thanks Mr. President for Visiting Orange County

We’ve covered just about every point of view I could think of regarding President Obama’s visit and town hall meeting in Costa Mesa last week. Or so I thought. It turns out that we missed some things in our coverage that still need to be addressed. Most importantly is to thank the President for bringing…