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In The News 11-22-10

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Here are some of the news stories on the radar screen that you may want to be aware of. Voice of OC Receives California Endowment Grant; Costa Mesa police chief, captain placed on leave; Nelson Pushes Lobby Reform II.

Political Hit Sites Thrive: Shawn Nelson Takes a Turn

A new political hit site has debuted against 4th district supervisor Shawn Nelson and as political hit sites go, it’s a little lame.  The site www.nowaynelson.com has a photo of Shawn Nelson sitting on bricks of gold and the defintion of hypocrite below the photo and three links to stories about Nelson’s pension enrollment in…

Bell-like Scandal Takes Toll on Mayor Pulido’s Elegant Santa Ana Reign

Santa Ana’s Mayor, Miguel Pulido, has been around a while. He was elected to the Santa Ana City Council in 1986 and as Mayor in 1994. One thing Pulido has learned very well is how to get whatever he can for himself out of the job. During his time as a member of the Council and Mayor, Pulido has managed to get himself appointed to numerous committees and commissions throughout the county. All of these committees compensate their members with a variety of per-diems, insurance, cars, car allowances.