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BackPage.com CEO arrested for Pimping; former Village Voice owners also charged


The Los Angeles Times has this blockbuster story Friday about the arrest of the CEO of BackPage.com on charges of pimping based on a 3-year investigation by California AG Kamala Harris.  Harris has criticized the website for profiting from the sex trafficking of adults and children. From the story: Carl Ferrer was taken into custody in Houston after arriving…

OC Weekly Bought by Gabacho Publisher from Newport Beach


I’m late getting to this, but a hearty congratulations to our friends at OC Weekly who were acquired last week by Duncan McIntosh, a publisher of Yachting and boating publications in Newport Beach.  Yes, the editors and writers from the Weekly can thank a wealthy gabacho to sign the front of their paychecks. Newspaper buy…

Register’s Chapter 11 should be no cause for Joy at OC Weekly

OC Register Headquarters

Most everyone enjoyed that extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning but OC Weekly editor-in-chief Gustavo Arellano put out this story at 5:17 AM with much glee under the standing column of OC Register Death Watch.  From the piece: “Yesterday, multiple, trustworthy sources who requested anonymity told me the Register’s parent company planned to file…