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Orange County’s Progressive Power Couple

Sharon Quirk-Silva

With the results still coming in, it’s all but certain that Sharon Quirk-Silva will return to her seat in AD-65 with a victory over Trump-supporter Young Kim.  And let’s add her husband, Fullerton city council member elect Jesus Silva to Democrats who won on election night in Orange County. The Silva’s are OC’s new political…

Candidate Urges Voters to “Join Gang for a Better Irvine”

Join Gang for a Better Irvine?

Iyad Afalqa, who leads the Irvine Democratic Club, posted this sign from Republican Mayor Candidate gang Chen on Facebook this afternoon and I did a double take.  It’s obvious someone needs a political consultant. Gang Chen is the Chinese-American candidate with a mayoral platform that doesn’t seem to understand or distinguish the duties of Mayor from…

Is the Great Park CEO in Trouble?

mike ellzey

Overlooked in the agenda from Tuesday’s Irvine City Council meeting, with the focus on the Cemetery and Memorial for Veterans at the Great Park, was this closed session item: PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OF THE ORANGE COUNTY GREAT PARK Government Code Section 54957 To learn more about the code, click here. But most…