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Is Choi’s Planning Commissioner Promising to Kill Veteran’s Cemetery?

WorldJournal article

Just when you thought the planned Veteran’s Cemetery and Memorial at the Great Park was safe, the LiberalOC has word that Mayor Steven Choi’s appointed planning commissioner Anthony Kuo may be promising the city’s new Chinese-American immigrants that the city’s planning commission — which Kuo chairs — could stop the development of the memorial on…

Irvine Republicans Bitch about Veterans

Veterans Day2

Sometimes, it’s not hard to come up with topics to write about and this is an easy case.  Irvine City Commissioner Allan Bartlett has moved from McCarthyism to anti-Veteranism in two weeks time with this tweet after last night’s city council meeting. Allan Bartlett‏@allanbartlett 15h So the vets coming to demand a cemetery at the…