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Irvine Republicans in Disarray

In the kerfluffel between Irvine city council candidate and city council member Christina Shea, Irvine Republican “insiders” are declaring Shea “toast” as she leaves office.  Of course, the Irvine Republican “insiders” include Adam Probolsky who writes for the Register’s Irvine World News, is personal friends with Lalloway and has an axe to grind with the…

My 2010 Election Picks Part 1

As is often the tradition with political blogs, the time has come to make our choices for who should be elected throughout Orange County. This year we have some great Democrats running for school boards and city councils throughout Central Orange County.

Van Tran Answers a Question

A number of political candidates and members of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce gathered at Bistango’s in Irvine for a meet and greet.  I grabbed a brochure and looked up to discover State Rep. Van Tran all of two feet away from me.  So of course, I had some questions for him.  And I’m saving…