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Two Years and Still Thankful

While November 24 is the actual anniversary, it was two years ago Monday that I made the decision to have gastric bypass surgery. Two years later, I’m down a total of 160 pounds. I had lost a total of 170 by May but I had some minor surgery this summer that preventing me from working out so I actually put on a few pounds. The weight has stablized and now I’m in maintenance mode. Still, the gastric bypass surgery has been a positive development and one I’m thankful I chose.

Introducing Reggie….

Let me start with a story: About a year ago, I was at a party with local elected officials and members of various commissions and boards.  I’m having a good chat with Commissioner NiceGuy when he looks over his shoulder, turns back to me, leans in and whispers “I heard something awful about you.  I…