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Paul Krugman: Most Libertarians Fail to Defend Liberty

 I’m looking forward to the comments our Libertarian friends will have to this New York Times blog post by Paul Krugman. I’m sure there will be whining and complaining, and usually from the same people so quick to ill-define what Liberals stand for and support. I’ve said for years that these Ron/Rand Paul loving…

The Trial of John Yoo

I have just returned from a debate on presidential power at Chapman University Law School. In retrospect, the event should more properly have been called “The Trial of John Yoo.” And strikingly, it was Yoo who cast himself in the role of defendant. The debate was titled “Presidential Power and Success in Times of Crisis,”…

Gunfight at the OC Corral

There’s a gunfight brewing in Orange County that would make a great John Wayne movie. But the plot of the movie depends on your political perspective and your view on gun control.