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Amante Supporters Organized Harrassment Against the Recall

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGGTcehNHes&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] Time to fight fire with fire.  Supporters of Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante (let’s just call him “il duce” after all) are organizing to harrass supporters of the RecallAmante effort. We were forwarded an email from one of Jerry’s biggest fans.  We’re posting and suggest that supporters of the Recall of Il Duce bring their…

Amante Recall Petition Approved! Sign Those Petitions

The petition to Recall Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante was finally approved at 4:59 PM Monday afternoon, about 24 hours too late for the recall committee to take advantage of the massive turnout on Tustin’s Chili Cookoff. That didn’t stop the recall committee from collecting signatures for volunteers, contributions, spreading some information on the effort and…

Sign a Petition to Say You’ll Sign THE Petition to Recall Amante at Tustin Chili Cookoff

With the latest petition to recall Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante rejected yet again by the Tustin city clerk (this time on grounds that a one inch margin was lacking on the petition), one can surmise that the staff at the city is working to do everything they can to delay the inevitable. By denying the last petition and counting to 10, the city of Tustin has denied the Tustin Recall The Mayor group the ability to use the famous Tustin Chili Cookoff to collect signatures.

Grassroots vs Astroturf in Tustin

Our friends at Red County are starting to take a page from the Orange Juice and FFFF blogs, notably, bloggers who hide behind a pseudonym to make a point.  And “City Watcher” has penned a post on the Recall Amante effort to kick Mayor Jerry Amante to the curb before his term expires late next…