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Doing the People’s Work-Part II

So much for the “fiscal conservatives” in Tustin; Blogger Jeff Gallagher had a terrific post yesterday that was overshadowed by the Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality on Heatlhcare Reform.  The issue in Tustin — $600,000 budgeted for “legal services” and the cost of two lawsuits against Tustin Unified has now exceeded $800,000. The lawsuits…

Tustin’s Gavello Elected Vice President

That sound you heard was Tustin City Council member Jerry Amante falling off his chair (no 3.9 aftershock I’m afraid) and I assure you the headline is entirely accurate.  But the Gavello from Tustin I’m writing about is Natalie Gavello.  She’s a sophomore and last week, she was elected Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Oddly…

FPPC Takes A Step Backwards On Ethics


In a 3-2 vote, the Fair Political Practices Commission passed a rule that will exempt city council members from conflict-of interest regulations that prohibited them from voting on their own appointments to paid boards and commissions.

Will Amante Walk the Walk after Talking the Talk?

Don’t be surprised if the Tustin City Council “honors” Mayor Jerry Amante with another term after tonight’s meeting; and the betting money is on Amante remaining at least Mayor Pro Tem.  But the bigger question is will Jerry Amante follow the example he set at the end of October and serve the citizens of Tustin…