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Doing the People’s Work-Part II

So much for the “fiscal conservatives” in Tustin; Blogger Jeff Gallagher had a terrific post yesterday that was overshadowed by the Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality on Heatlhcare Reform.  The issue in Tustin — $600,000 budgeted for “legal services” and the cost of two lawsuits against Tustin Unified has now exceeded $800,000. The lawsuits…

Tustin’s Gavello Elected Vice President

That sound you heard was Tustin City Council member Jerry Amante falling off his chair (no 3.9 aftershock I’m afraid) and I assure you the headline is entirely accurate.  But the Gavello from Tustin I’m writing about is Natalie Gavello.  She’s a sophomore and last week, she was elected Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Oddly…

FPPC Takes A Step Backwards On Ethics

In a 3-2 vote, the Fair Political Practices Commission passed a rule that will exempt city council members from conflict-of interest regulations that prohibited them from voting on their own appointments to paid boards and commissions.