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First Debate Warnings


If you want to watch the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, head over to the DPOC HQ on Chapman Ave in Orange at the Pipefitter’s Union around 5:30.  We’re told ABC-TV will be there for reaction and the Party will provide marshmellows to throw at the big screen TV when Trump…

Conservatives Silly Emails Justifying a Trump Presidency

Donald Trump

I’m usually pretty grateful for some of my conservative friends who add me to their email lists and encourage me to forward their emails to everyone I know.  Most of the time, a quick check of Snopes.com exposes the email content as a documented falsehood.  And other emails, like the one below, are just funny.…

Trump’s Latino Outreach Rally in Anaheim is a Failure

Trump Latino Outreach-Anaheim

About 100 people showed up in Anaheim yesterday for a Donald Trump Latino Outreach rally and only half were Latino. This from the OC Register: About 100 supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump rallied at Anaheim City Hall on Sunday afternoon, arguing that his support among the Latino community is stronger than has been…

DHS will Help States Make Sure Elections Can’t be Hacked

Florida Recount

Last Sunday’s New York Times review section dismissed GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s contention that the election would be rigged if he didn’t win, but correctly noted results are subject to hackers. Voting machines, especially those connected to the Internet, fall under a category of products called the Internet of Things (IoT); if you have…