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Lenore Albert-Sheridan to Run for State Democratic Party Chair

Lenore Albert-Sheridan, who ran and lost to Travis Allen in AD-72 last November, emailed TheLiberalOC this afternoon to say she’s running for California Democratic Party chair. Albert-Sheridan said, “I do not expect to come in first. I do not even expect to come in second. However, I am hoping that it will unite the party.” Albert Sheridan…

Backpage.com shuts down adult classified section 2 days before Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Meant to get to this earlier, but as State Ass. Travis Allen would tell you, January 11 was Human Trafficking Awareness Day and while he is busy insisting California Democrats legalized child prostitution, another story was brewing.  Backpage.com, which used to supply alt-weeklies like OC Weekly and LA Weekly with a steady revenue stream, shut…

No Shake-ups in Final OC Ballot Tallies

While the final counts narrowed there were no changes in results once the Orange County Registrar of Voters completed it’s counting of primary election ballots on Thursday. The late charges towards second place by Julio Perez in the 69th Assembly District and Joe Dovinh in the 72nd Assembly District were not quite strong enough to overcome the election night results.

Race for Second Place Narrows in 69th and 72nd Assembly Contests

On Monday the Orange County Registrar of Voters tallied 2,401 votes at 24 counting stations for the day. In the 69th AD Julio Perez closed the distance to Jose “Joe” Moreno by 80 votes, he’s now at 526 votes behind. In the 72nd AD Joe Dovinh moved to 221 votes behind Travis Allen, gaining 24 votes. Closing in on on third place is Long Pham who narrowed the distance to Joe Dovinh by 14 votes, he’s now only 82 votes behind.