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Rackauckas draws a Democratic challenger

Greg Diamond, Northern Regional Vice President of the Democratic Party of Orange County, has thrown his hat into the ring to challenge Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas. Diamond announced to DPOC central committee members on Monday that he would be running and on Wednesday announced his campaign at the monthly meeting of Los Amigos-OC.

Women’s Groups and OCEA ask Attorney General to investigate Bustamante Abuse

At noon on Tuesday a couple dozen women gathered at the Old Santa Ana Court House to call upon the California Attorney General to investigate the failures in management at the County of Orange. Specifically they want an investigation of how those failures allowed the sexual abuse allegedly perpetrated by former Public Works Executive Manager and Santa Ana City Councilman Carlos Bustamante to go unaddressed for so long.

Fullerton Police Chief to Take Medical Leave

The LiberalOC has learned that Fullerton Police Chief Michael Sellers is stepping down for a medical leave due to an unspecified illness.  Sources say the leave could be 30 days to a year long.  Two Fullerton city council members, Sharon Quirk-Silva and Bruce Whitaker, have already called on Sellers to resign due to his inaction…

Unmitigated Bullsh&t Findings Regarding Chriss Street

Author’s Note: For the record, the opinions and statements expressed in this post, and others I have written in the past, reflect my personal opinions and not those of any organizations or individuals with whom I may be presently or formerly affiliated. You’ve got to really love the fact that, as far as I can find, in his…