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Marty Talks to John McCain

Fascinating interview with John McCain by the Register’s Marty Wisckoll.  Read it here.  John McCain doesn’t know how much gas was a gallon the last time he pumped his own gas.  And he thinks Arnold is doing a great job.  

One Less 527 & Some Thoughts on Campaign Funding

UPDATE: Quite a few people continue to donate. According to Talking Points Memo and others, MoveOn.org is closing its 527 advocacy group in deference to Obama’s call to end such groups. “This is an affirmation that we, like Senator Obama, believe that this election can be won by ordinary Americans giving small donations,” according to…

The McCain Myth

Hey, everyone! I’m sorry that I haven’t been spending much time with you all. Just know that I’m still dedicated to TheLiberalOC.com’s wonderful community, and I won’t be leaving any time soon. But anyways, I’ve been working with one of my friends at Clintonistas for Obama on an exciting project that I want you to…