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Voices From Street Corners (Vol 12)

Thanksgiving day is a wonderful day. This Thanksgiving day in Orange County was a particularly gorgeous and wonderful one. I saw not cloud in the sky as I walked the trail at Aliso Wood Canyon Trail enjoying that wonderful majestic view that we are so blessed it and being reflective. I decided to focus this…

Free Thanksgiving Dinners in OC: Tell Us Where They Are

The tough economy still has a number of families hurting this Thanksgiving.  And for many, even the modest cost of the traditional Turkey dinner is cost prohibitive.  I did a quick search to find out which charities and churches would be hosting free Thanksgiving dinners for needy families and came up with a lot of…

Happy Thanksgiving

Here is a Super Awesome Kool video put together for Thanksgiving. The song is “The Thanksgiving Song” and the artist is the talented Adam Sandler.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

A Thanksgiving Message from President Barack Obama

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, Americans across the country will sit down together, count our blessings, and give thanks for our families and our loved ones. American families reflect the diversity of this great nation. No two are exactly alike, but there is a common thread they each share. Our families are bound together through times of…