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District refuses to negotiate, La Habra teachers will litigate and return to classrooms Thursday

The four-day strike is over and teachers will return to their classrooms on Thursday. Even though they reported for duty Tuesday and are willing to work Wednesday, the district has instead chosen to waste an additional $50,000 in unnecessary substitute pay – adding yet one more fallacy to the spurious claim that their actions against La Habra’s teachers are substantiated by fiscal necessity.

La Habra Superintendent Refuses to Move Forward, Shattering Hope of Ending Teachers’ Strike Sunday

Any hope of ending the strike by La Habra’s teachers on Sunday was shattered when La Habra School Superintendent Susan Belenardo refused to move forward on a settlement recommended by experts advising the board’s and the union’s negotiators and agreeable to the LHEA bargaining team. La Habra teachers will hit the picket lines again Monday morning, beginning at 7:30 a.m., the fourth day of the strike

CUSD Strike Concludes

“It is the courage and determination of CUEA members on the picket lines and the thousands of supportive district parents and community members that resulted in the tentative contract agreement with the CUSD Board of Education,” said CUEA President Vicki Soderberg.

Orange County Labor Federation Passes Resolution in Support of Capistrano Unified Education Association Strike

Thursday night, April 22nd, the Orange County Labor Federation passed a unanimous resolution in support of the Capistrano Unified Education Association (CUEA, the teachers’ union) strike in the Capistrano Unified School District. Whereas the teachers in the Capistrano School District have been engaged with an anti-worker school board; Whereas, teachers are those who deliver in…