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Nixing Republican purism

From  newsreview.com: After all the talk lately about the Tea Party and the rise of the Republican right, last week’s election was an eye-opener. As veteran Republican political commentator Tony Quinn has observed, not only did the most conservative Republican candidates for statewide office all lose by wide margins, but voters also approved Proposition 14,…

Tea Party Protestors Demonstrate on Tax Day

Across the country, Tea Party activists protested on April 15 against the expansion of government. Thousands of these activists also formed a new “Contract for America” which lists their beliefs in how the country should be run.

Tonite: Drinking Liberally Santa Ana – An Anti-Tea Party

As we do every week, tonight we hold our Drinking Liberally gathering in Santa Ana. In response to the rallies of people across the country who have been fooled, by an astro-turf movement created by corporate interests that care nothing about the people they are whipping up into mini-riots, we raise a glass to democracy. We are not loosing it. We are actually gaining it back, bit by bit, through the efforts of a few bold Democrats in Congress working to free us from the grip of corporate control of our government and elected officials.

Will Tea Partiers Celebrate Their Federal Tax Cut Tomorrow?

There are a number of “Tea Party Protests” being planned throughout Orange County tomorrow.  But recent CBS/New York Times polls show most of the Teabaggers still don’t realize that their taxes went down last year under President Obama’s stimulus package.  This report, from Citizens for Tax Justice, provides a sobering picture that strikes a contrast with…