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Debt Ceiling Debate: The Blame Game

duke it out

Here we are again. Listening to the parties whine and point fingers. John Boehner blames the president for not “acting like a strong leader.” Honestly, it is my perception that he, as a leader, is trying to do something we don’t often see in politics, compromise.

Paul Krugman: Most Libertarians Fail to Defend Liberty

 I’m looking forward to the comments our Libertarian friends will have to this New York Times blog post by Paul Krugman. I’m sure there will be whining and complaining, and usually from the same people so quick to ill-define what Liberals stand for and support. I’ve said for years that these Ron/Rand Paul loving…

Voices From Street Corners (Vol 20): Expecting Too Much?


Today is another beautiful day in South Orange County. The Sun is out and the weather is beautiful as we travel through Spring and looking to embrace the Summer. It has also been quite a month. Between Presidential Candidates popping up like gophers, Celebrities getting into trouble and IPO’s breaking records, there is never a…

Too Good To be True

Billionaire and New York weirdo Donald Trump announced at a Tea Party gathering in Boca Raton that he is considering tossing his hair piece into the presidential race for 2012.  Yes, he has such an over sized, deluded self image that this seems like a plausible move to make.  For me, it’s as exciting as when Ross Perot ran against…