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After 4 Weeks, Free Market Kills “Atlas Shrugged” Part I (Part II and III Unlikely)

With much hoopla from the OC Libertarian Right wing, “Atlas Shrugged Part I” debuted in Orange County to a host of true believers who have cemented a political philosophy based on fictional characters (Narnia anyone?).  Red County blogger Allan Bartlett proclaimed it “the movie that tells Hollywood to suck it.”  Former Register columnist Steven Greenhut…

The Toast of the Tea Party or Just Toast?

Tuesday’s New York Times carried this front page story on the 2010 US Senate race in California and focused on the three Republican candidates and how they differ.  The stately Gray Lady, the nation’s newspaper of record, used this quote from State Rep Charles DeVore (yes, we call him Chuck). “This is eminently winnable for…

Olbermann: Beware fear’s racist temptation

The rationalizations of the racist are too many and too contradictory for the rest of us to keep them straight. The whole of the anger at government movement is predicated on this. Times are tough. The future is confusing. The threat from those who would dismantle our way of life is real, as if we weren‘t, to some extent, doing it for them now.

Truman Dinner Sold Out!

The 15th Annual Democratic Party of Orange County Harry S Truman Award Dinner will have a capacity crowd this Friday night, December 4th, at the Irvine Hilton. More than 550 guests will gather to honor Assemblyman Jose Solorio with the Harry S Tuman Award, Florice Orea Hoffman with the Samuel Gompers Award, and Marti Schrank with the…