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NY Times: Taxing Junk Food to Save Lives and Money


The Sunday New York Times ran this story on how taxing junk food and soda pop could significantly reduce the rising rates of obesity and diabetes among Americans.  And by taxing junk food, not only would we reduce these serious health risks but at the same time, be able to raise revenues and save lives. …

Yes, You Are Paying Lower Taxes

Folks are always surprised to learn that I have a coordial relationship with Chris Thompson, who blogs for the Friends for Fullerton’s Future web site and is a school board member in Fullerton.  We don’t agree on a lot, but we have coordial conversations that are issues-based without the venom that so often personalizes and…

Paul Krugman: Most Libertarians Fail to Defend Liberty

 I’m looking forward to the comments our Libertarian friends will have to this New York Times blog post by Paul Krugman. I’m sure there will be whining and complaining, and usually from the same people so quick to ill-define what Liberals stand for and support. I’ve said for years that these Ron/Rand Paul loving…

If someone tells you democracy lives in Downtown Santa Ana, they’re lying

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Because Santa Ana is a charter city they can pretty much do whatever they want when it comes to setting up an assessment district like the one that covers Santa Ana’s downtown core. The law in Santa Ana that makes it possible for the city to levy an assessment tax on downtown property owners is written almost entirely from a state law that allows for the creation of, and taxation within, property business improvement districts.