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LA Times: The Bailouts Worked

Daily, I get chain emails from Republican friends ranging from the socialism and Marxism of the President and the Democratic Party.  Usually, these notes are accompanied with photos and suggestions to “forward this to all your friends.” I will be forwarding this LA Times story later today which suggested very simply that the federal bailout…

Note to Tea Partiers: The Auto Industry Bailout Worked

Dick Polman has a thoughtful column in a recent edition of the Philadephia Inquirer about all the grief President Obama and President George W. Bush got for the TARP and Automobile Industry bailouts.  And a little more than two years later, the bailout of the auto industry is nothing short of a huge success that saved…

Best Person to Head New Consumer Protection Agency Opposed by Tim Geithner

Elizabeth Warren presents the best defense for the middle class. It is imperative she head the new agency that will ultimately defend consumers from the the practices of the banking and credit card industries. Far from being a crony to the financial kings, she has been the most vocal advocate of an agency dedicated to the interests of consumers.

Tea Baggers’ Selective Outrage

If these tea baggers were so principled against the bail out like they claim to be, one would think they would go and volunteer endlessly for Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, or even the Republicans who voted against it such as Dana Rohrbacher. Instead there favorite son is a man who bent over for the banks and gave them their bailout. I would like an explanation from Megan Barth, the self proclaimed leader of the tea baggers in Irvine as to this oversight. Why is John Campbell getting a free pass for his vote FOR the bailout, while Loretta Sanchez has not so much gotten one thank you from the tea baggers?