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New Indictment For Tan Nguyen

The river of trouble for the 2006 GOP nominee in the 47th Congressional district, Tan Nguyen, is getting deeper. New charges have been filed by federal prosecutors alleging that not only did Nguyen encourage someone to mislead investigators, he did so himself as well. In October 2006 Tan Nguyen’s campaign was responsible for the mailing of 14,000…

Tan Nguyen Tries to Dirty Loretta Sanchez’s name

Did you see the signs around Santa Ana? www.dumpsanchez.com is a direct reference to “dumping” Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and when you go to the website, what a surprise.  It’s all paid for by Republican candidate Tan Nguyen. Nguyen is already looking past a primary fight with Assemblyman Van Tran and launched a site that seeks to…

LiberalOC reaches the 5000 post mark

Today we have reached the 5000 post mark for our almost four-year old blog. April 26th marks our fourth birthday. For four years we have brought liberal perspective to the orange county blogosphere. We have challenged the right-wing republicans, and we have even taken issue with some democrats. With 732,000 visits and about 1.38 million page views to date, we look forward to many more years of Challenging the Right-Wing Noise Machine.

Recycling Tan Nguyen

Tan Nguyen is back, and so are his old signs. So it seems Tan Nguyen is a fan of recycling. Kind of odd, for a Republican. I wonder if he believes Global Climate Change is real.

Quang Pham Drops Out of CD-47 Race

Longshot Republican challenger Quang Pham has dropped out of the race for the CD-47 congressional seat now held by Rep. Loretta Sanchez according to the TotalBuzz blog.  Pham failed to capture the CRA endorsement, losing to Assemblyman Van Tran, and Pham’s departure spares Tran an expensive and potentially embarrassing primary fight.  Update: Hat tip to R.…

Tan Nguyen Running For Congress Again?

We have learned that someone named Tan Nguyen has pull paperwork to run for Congress in the 47th Congressional District. Tan Nguyen was the unsuccessful Republican challenger to Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez for in 2006. Nguyen is currently facing trial in federal court for misleading investigators regarding intimidating letters sent out to Latino voters by his campaign.

Tan Nguyen – Back in the News

Tan Nguyen, the Republican challenger to Loretta Sanchez in 2006 who’s defaced campaign signs helped launch TheLiberalOC.com, is back. In the news anyway. Martin Wisckol over at Total Buzz has the story on the latest motion filed in his battle against federal charges related to his failed campaign. For those of you who do not…