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It’s Not All About the Swing-States


If you watch the cable news channels you may have gotten the impression that the only place where voters matter is in the swing-states. At times it seems the two presidential candidates are running for President of Virginwiscoflohiowa. While that election is getting all the attention, there are some important votes in California that could swing the balance of political power away from middle-class Californians for years to come.

Nevada: Up Close & Personal

(Proudly cross-posted at C4O) Last weekend, I was lucky enough to see the state of the race for myself. I traveled to the heart of Battleground Country. Because Nevada’s 5 electoral votes are up for grabs and two Nevada Republicans may lose their House seats this fall, I wanted to do something to help. That’s…

Get on the Bus for Obama This Weekend!

Publisher’s Note: The Get On The Bus and California4Obama campaigns are independant volunteer efforts not affiliated with the official Barack Obama for President Campaign. In case you missed our notice last week, California4Obama will be organizing day trips to Nevada this weekend and every weekend between now and election day. As you all know by…

Obama OC Goes to Nevada!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it here! If you’d like to help Barack Obama win Nevada, click the link below to RSVP for this weekend! 🙂 Hello Everyone, Please join Obama OC and the campaign on our first organized trip to Nevada to help Senator Obama win this crucial battleground state. We will be focusing…