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Sukhee Kang

  SACRAMENTO – In a major public-safety endorsement in the race, the State Coalition of Probation Organizations (SCOPO) today endorsed Sukhee Kang, the Democratic candidate for Senate District 29, which is at the confluence of Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. The organization was formed in 1983 by line deputy probation officers in several…

Bushala’s Baaaaccckkkk; Anti-Kang Website Debuts


Former Friends for Fullerton’s Future (FFFFF) blogger Tony Bushala, best known for a brief success and then failure to take over the Fullerton City Council, has reared his ugly blogsphere noggin with a new anti-Suhkee Kang blog and website.  Tony’s complaint?  Kang, a candidate for State Senate in SD-29, is a carpetbagger.  Of course, if you look in the…

Great Park Forensic Audit; Politics Over Substance


I’ll say this to Council member Christina Shea and Jeff Lalloway: mission accomplished. The forensic auditor delivered exactly the sort of document you wanted for the upcoming November elections. It’s loaded with the sort of editorial comment against Larry Agran you sought and charges of non-cooperation against Great Park contractors and it republished a bunch of numbers that have been covered in the multiple compliance audits already.

Probolsky Pushes DeVore to For Irvine Mayor

The Irvine World News columnist, pollster and Republican Party operative Adam Probolsky is advocating that failed US Senate candidate Chuck DeVore launch a bid for Irvine’s mayor against the popular and effective Suhkee Kang.  Probolsky tweeted this yesterday and his column yesterday amounted to an ad for the Republican politician. Probolsky wrote: “Supporters of making…

Signs out in Force in the Fourth

One of our readers emailed me about why we don’t do something that Red County does; namely post copies of signs or mailers from Democratic candidates for office.  Well, we will and we do, when the campaigns send them to us.  Lorri Galloway’s campaign was the first to respond so we’re posting her signs here. …