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Choi to Run for Mayor in Irvine

Termed out Irvine City Council member Dr. Steven Choi is a candidate for mayor in the 2012 election and it brings up all sorts of fun to look forward to in the coming election cycle. Choi, who embarassed himself and the city by wearing a Photoshopped image of then Speaker Nancy Pelosi as Stalin in 2009, was the subject of voter fraud charges from former Assembly candidate Jerry Amante, then Mayor of Tustin. Choi and his entire family were registered to vote from a rented condo/apartment in Woodbridge while the city councilman was still clearly residing in a posh Woodbury home.

IPSF Launches a Dollar a Day for Education Campaign

Increasingly, our underfunded schools are turning to external fundraising organizations to make up the difference in educations funds provided by the state for what is needed to get our kids ready for the 21st century workforce.  I will be attending the 2nd annual IPSF Gala this weekend (sold out!) whic will raise a significant amount…

John Campbell finally meets Beth Krom

Eight days out from election day, and John Campbell finally has met Beth Krom.  No, not that John Campbell. John Campbell, the sixth grader from Irvine. Krom attended the rally for the CanyonView Elementary boy’s and girl’s Harvest Cup soccer teams this morning; the teams repeated as champions (believed to be the first time both…