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Name the Democrats

We’re getting lots of readers from the link we picked up from a Drudge Report posting here. And many of them are conservatives who are railing against a perceivede double-standard of the left calling former President George W. Bush “Hitler.” Margaret Cho, a Korean-American comedianne, once said “Bush isn’t Hitler. But he could be if he…

Welcome Drudge Report Readers…

Our Choi/Stalin story was picked up by SFGate.com here and it was linked to and is a featured story on The Drudge Report today; so we’d like to welcome all those readers to TheLiberalOC.com today. I highly recommend clicking the link to the SFGate story about our Monday post; the comments are *priceless.*

Steven Choi – The Dean Grose of Irvine

What Steven Choi did at the Democratic Party of Orange County’s Harry S Truman Awards Dinner last Friday night was worse than the conduct of Dean Grose. It is worse because Choi is a non-partisan elected official in the City of Irvine. Because of that when dignitaries of any political party come to visit the city he represents, he owes them the respect due them by virtue of their position.