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OC Supervisors endorse Sheriff’s $1.5 million plan for CCW applications backlog


At Tuesday’s Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting, Board members essentially tripped over one-another to support funding an additional $1.5 million for the Sheriff to process a backlog of about 1,000 Concealed-Carry Weapons permit applications which have resulted from a recent federal court ruling that loosened the standards for establishing need for a permit.

Stabbing Workers in the Back – While Giving Recognition

Earlier this month, Orange County Board of Supervisors Chair, Patricia Bates, herself a former Social Worker, recognized the contributions of Social Workers to our community with a resolution proclaiming March Social Worker Recognition Month. At the same time she was recognizing county social workers, her decision to continue the County’s contract with the troubled provider MAXIMUS was starting…

Seniors Tell Supes to Cut Perks Not Services

From Norberto Santana over at Total Buzz. Scores of senior citizens were out in force this morning in front of the Hall of Adminstration in Santa Ana protesting recent cuts to the county Social Services Agency and the unwillingness of board supervisors to trim their perks. Nearly 50 seniors came out to the protest, organized…

The TRUTH Will Be Publicized

  It seems that whenever the Board of Supervisors, Tom Mauk, or his executive management team, get backed into a corner on something, rather than admit they’re wrong, they resort to lies and scare tactics. This last week was just one more demonstration of that reality. Below is the email message that Orange County Employees…