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When the Free Market Rations Healthcare

Regular readers of the OC Register’s Orange Punch blog know how healthcare reform is described – government socialism that limits choice and will result in rationing of healthcare. But according to Sunday’s New York Times, it’s not the government’s healthcare reform package that’s limiting patient choice — it’s private insurers. Back to the boys in…

Steven Choi – The Dean Grose of Irvine

What Steven Choi did at the Democratic Party of Orange County’s Harry S Truman Awards Dinner last Friday night was worse than the conduct of Dean Grose. It is worse because Choi is a non-partisan elected official in the City of Irvine. Because of that when dignitaries of any political party come to visit the city he represents, he owes them the respect due them by virtue of their position.

Redistribute Wealth! Because the Bible tells you so.

John McCain and Sarah Palin have been hammering away at Barack Obama, accusing him of being a Socialist. Sister Sarah was brought onto the ticket with McCain to energize and mobilize the evangelical Christian right to support a McCain presidency. So isn’t it a little intellectually dishonest for an evangelical Christian to attack a basic…