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NY Times: Taxing Junk Food to Save Lives and Money

The Sunday New York Times ran this story on how taxing junk food and soda pop could significantly reduce the rising rates of obesity and diabetes among Americans.  And by taxing junk food, not only would we reduce these serious health risks but at the same time, be able to raise revenues and save lives. …

Supervisor Shawn Nelson Promoting Cigars To Kill Heroes

Nelson blows out a puff of heavy smoke. “We can send them cigars. They get to enjoy one of the luxuries of life.” “This is something special. You get a cigar, it’s handmade, they know it’s something special to them,” Nelson said. “It takes 45 minutes to an hour to smoke and it’s something to help them relax.”

Greenhut Blowing Smoke – Dude, There Is No Fire!

I do understand that Steven Greenhut has been foaming at the mouth over Sheriff Hutchens’ CCW policy for months, but I think his rage is starting to get the best of him. Greenhut wrote Wednesday on his Orange Punch Blog a commentary titled First guns, now tobacco … the liberal sheriff strikes again! He goes…