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Irvine pays Irvine Community News & Views $350K over Free Speech Lawsuit

For Irvine’s right wingers and certain developers with millions to spend to buy city councilors and the mayor, Larry Agran is Irvine’s biggest boogeyman.  And Irvine Community News & Views is Agran’s “fake newspaper” which publishes “fake news” right? Wrong. In America, anyone with a printing press can publish a newspaper and ICNV publishes news…

Anaheim By-District Elections vote set for November 2014

The Anaheim City Council voted unanimously last night to settle the California Voting Rights Act lawsuit challenging the legality of the at-large voting process used to elect the city council. The settlement requires that the city council place a charter amendment before the voters in November 2014 to establish by-district voting for city council elections beginning in 2016.