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Melissa Fox: We must respect and serve our seniors

“Respecting and serving our seniors is more than a matter of policy; it is a moral issue. Our character as a community is defined in large part by how we treat those who have served and protected us. I will fight to stop these cuts and ensure that seniors have the health care they need to maintain their independence in their own homes.”

Make 2010 the Year of the Fox in CA AD-70

With voters in NY23 rejecting a hard right wing idealogue, perhaps voters in AD-70 can do the same next year and cast a ballot for Melissa Fox against two hard core right wingers who desire to out-conservative each other. A Right-Wing Extremist or Melissa Fox? In November of 2008, voters in our district chose Obama,…

Seniors Tell Supes to Cut Perks Not Services

From Norberto Santana over at Total Buzz. Scores of senior citizens were out in force this morning in front of the Hall of Adminstration in Santa Ana protesting recent cuts to the county Social Services Agency and the unwillingness of board supervisors to trim their perks. Nearly 50 seniors came out to the protest, organized…