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Schwarzenegger Signs Senator Correa’s Bill to Increase Education Benefits for National Guard Members

“I applaud the Governor’s approval of this important measure. This new law will protect the California National Guard members who are currently enrolled in a higher education institution when they are ordered to perform active military duty,” said Senator Correa. “Now, these brave men and women can rest assured that they will not be academically or financially penalized for performing their service to the people of California.”

Senator Correa Applauds Governor’s Signature of Chelsea’s Law

“A crime against a child is despicable. Sex crimes are crimes against an individual’s soul, a young victim’s life is changed beyond repair, and that is morally reprehensible. As a co-author of Chelsea’s Law, I am very pleased to see that the Governor has signed this very important measure. Statistics show that on the average, a sex predator strikes eight times before he or she is apprehended. As legislators and as a society, we have to do everything we can to stop individuals who commit these horrible crimes before they strike again. One victim is one too many. AB 1844 is a good measure and part of a continuing process to press for greater protections for our children and put away these types of predators once and for all.”

Senator Lou Correa: Missing Child Reform Measures Pass Senate

“Let’s never forget that the loss of innocent children like Amber Dubois are lessons to our society that sexual violent predators are real and they are on the lookout of innocent children to prey on if we let them. I urge Governor Schwarzenegger to sign these three bills and encourage parents in California and across the nation to support legislation that will protect the precious lives of our children.”

Correa’s Bill on Military Education Benefits Awaits Governor’s Signature

SACRAMENTO, CA—Today, the California State Senate unanimously voted on the passage out of the Legislature of Bill 1075 (SB 1075), authored by Senator Lou Correa(Orange County). This legislative measure requires academic institutions to reasonably accommodate and assist students who are called to active military duty so they can meet any and all coursework requirements missed due to military service.

Senate Committee Approves Bill in Response to Pension Fund Investment Scandal

The Senate Public Employment and Retirement Committee approved legislation this week that would require placement agents to register as lobbyists and would end contingency fee arrangements based on winning contracts from California’s public retirement systems. Co-authored by Senator Lou Correa (Santa Ana), Assembly Bill 1743 (AB 1743) would help to ensure that transactions that involve placement agents securing investment assets from the state’s pension funds remain above board.

Does John Seiler actually think that Senator Lou Correa is a communist?

John Seiler seems to think that State Senator Lou Correa is a communist. In a post yesterday he wrote “thanks to the profligacy of Lou “North” Correa and others, state and local government pension funds in California are $500 billion in the red.” So exactly what about pensions for public employees is communist? Well nothing, but that doesn’t stop Seiler from trying to make a connection where there is none so that he can use the phrase Lou “North” Correa.