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Senate Restores Emergency Jobless Benefits for Unemployed

The Senate, beating back partisan objections from Republicans, has approved legislation that restores emergency jobless benefits to millions of people  who have ben unemployed for more than six months.  The Republican senators who contniue to push for tax cuits for the wealthiest Americans delayed action to help the unemployed for weeks. The measure moves into the House of Representatives for approval…

Senate Passes Largest Health Care Expansion Since Medicare

While most of us were still asleep, the United States Senate passed landmark legislation to reform health care. The legislation moves the country closer to the largest expansion of medical coverage since Medicare more than four decades ago. On a 60-39 party line vote the Senate concluded months wrangling to craft the Senate bill. The $879 billion proposal, is far from perfect, and still must be reconciled with the House bill in conference committee.

Is It Possible Harry Reid Has (At Last) Found His Spine?

Yes, it’s true. I’m a liberal Democrat. And proud of it. Well, more often than not. One of the things that truly irritates me about Democrats is the appearance that too many Democrats in elected office at all levels have misplaced or had their spines surgically removed. So today when I read one of Steve…

Health Insurance Reform: What’s Next?

With the Senate Finance Committee passing its version of Health Insurance Reform Tuesday on a 14-9 vote you may be asking yourself; what next? There are two bills in the Senate and three in the House that now need to be combined into individual bills for each house to vote on. This means for example,…

Senator Ted Kennedy Dies

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the lion of the senate, has died.  The Boston Globe has an amazing obit of Senator Kennedy here. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9JTYnMpRyg[/youtube].   He passed away Tuesday night with a statement released in the early morning hours of Wednesday morning EDT. more after the jump:

Say Hello to Senator Franken (D-MN)

The Minnesota State Supreme Court says Al Franken is the rightful new senator from Minnesota.  Minnesota Governor Pawlenty has indicated he will sign the election certificate making it official.  Now that Franken has passed this hurdle, the Senate has rules about who is seated limiting Coleman’s options for a federal challenge. From the story: