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Obama Weekly Address: Fair Pay for Doctors

With doctors facing deep cuts in their reimbursements from Medicare unless Congress acts to correct long-standing problems, the President calls on Senate Republicans to stop blocking the remedy and pledges to work toward a permanent solution. The cuts would potentially mean widespread trouble for seniors getting needed care.

Republican Obstruction Screws Over Local Governments Again

California Senate Republicans, with the exception of Senator Abel Maldonado, blocked passage of SB 65, the legislation necessary to facilitate the ability of local governments to finance the loss of funding due to the implementation of Prop 1A in order to “balance” the state budget. Again, the Republicans in the Senate placed partisan bickeing over…

California Senate Republicans Oust their Leader

The elected Republicans continue to hold the state budget hostage as they drive California over a cliff with stalled budget negotiations.  But now there’s a new driver at the wheel and he’s stepping on the gas. The LA Times reported this morning that a group of Republican senators ousted Senate leader Dave Cogdill of Modesto and replaced him with…