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Supreme Court Upholds Local Ban on Assault Weapons

Sarah Palin with Assault Rifle

This just in from the LA Times:  “…the Supreme Court on Monday rejected a 2nd Amendment challenge to a local law that forbids the sale or possession of semiautomatic weapons that carry more than 10 rounds of ammunition. The justices by a 7-2 vote refused to review rulings by judges in Chicago who upheld a…

Its Time to Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment

A pistol on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City (c) 2015, TheLiberalOC

Exactly when is it time to have a much needed debate in America that the Second Amendment needs to be amended or repealed? This nation has changed constitutional amendments before.  It’s not easy, but the Founding Fathers did provide citizens with the ability to fine tune the Constitution as events, technology, and cultural evolution saw…

Can Biometrics Solve Problem of Gun Violence?

In the wake of Newtown, CT, Christopher Dorner, the theater shooting in Colorado, Columbine and a host of other terrible shooting assaults on a defenseless public, there are calls for greater legislation to ban assault weapons and proposals to arm elemetnary school teachers and even janitors with weapons. A poll published last week in the…

Pick and Choose

Sometimes I just don’t understand conservatives. Wednesday the Senate Homeland Security Committee held a hearing to consider legislation that would prohibit people on the terrorist no-fly list from buying firearms. South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham said he thought the bill goes “too far.” Maine’s Susan Collins said that though she doesn’t like the idea of suspected…

Gunfight at the OC Corral

There’s a gunfight brewing in Orange County that would make a great John Wayne movie. But the plot of the movie depends on your political perspective and your view on gun control.