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A Personal Response to a Personal Attack

Sean Mill and I are friends. I know that sentence makes some of my co-bloggers here uneasy at best and angry at worst. I’ve never had a problem with Sean and I don’t think he’s had one with me. And even after we get through this post, I expect we’ll still be on speaking terms. And if we’re not, c’est la vie. But his post on the OJBlog yesterday warrants a response. The post is a “criticism” on Claudio W. Gallegos’ post about Ceci Iglesias’ campaign for Congress in CD-47 where it appears she’s being placed to draw votes from Rep. Loretta Sanchez.

Bloggers Behaving Badly

I spent some time reading the local blogs and checking in with my Facebook friends and am noting some interesting comments in posts. Let’s start with our friends at Orange Punch, where Steve Greenhut has a post about how Conservatives will be spending considerable time in the wilderness.  No disagreement there.  But then Stephen wrote…

Pedroza and Mill, simply malicious opportunists

I know that sometimes it is better to ignore the crazy B.S. that comes out of Art Pedroza (failed City Council Candidate) and Sean Mill (Santa Ana Planning Commissioner) over on the OrangeJuiceBlog but Sometimes it isn’t. I have been trying, now unsuccessfully, to ignore their antics for the last week since Mill reposted a photo of Aloha holding up…