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A Personal Response to a Personal Attack

Sean Mill and I are friends. I know that sentence makes some of my co-bloggers here uneasy at best and angry at worst. I’ve never had a problem with Sean and I don’t think he’s had one with me. And even after we get through this post, I expect we’ll still be on speaking terms. And if we’re not, c’est la vie. But his post on the OJBlog yesterday warrants a response. The post is a “criticism” on Claudio W. Gallegos’ post about Ceci Iglesias’ campaign for Congress in CD-47 where it appears she’s being placed to draw votes from Rep. Loretta Sanchez.

Tantrums On The Orange Juice Blog

It has come to my attention that the Orange Juice Blog has taken upon itself a crusade of personal attacks against me, Claudio Gallegos, and others. Just so that our readers understand, Art Pedroza and Sean Mill are simply engaging in malicious attacks. They take a fact, distort that fact into a lie, and then…