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End California’s Hostage Crisis

On this morning’s radio talk shows, following the early morning passage of California’s budget, Democratic legislators have finally taken up the political fight against the Republicans and are urging revision of the state’s dysfunctional budget process. This is a budget the GOP can be proud of, because it’s a profoundly conservative budget. Because they hold a conservative veto over it. And they get the best of both worlds – they don’t have to vote for the budget en masse so they don’t have to own it. In short, the hijacking worked. This is the most important issue facing California – and it’s time for a change.

Let California Fail

Since the proposed budget is bad (too many cuts in the wrong places), why should Democrats support it? Why isn’t the state Democratic Party telling the voters that this disaster has been caused by the Republicans? Why are the Democrats not seizing the ideological moment by calling this budget disaster a Republican disaster? We ought to insist now on a budget that is fair — and if that fails, we ought to go to the voters and tell them that the Republicans have caused their state government to fail.
Only then will we have the chance to get real change in California.

Who’s the Girlie-Man Now?

Back in July 2004, when the California legislature was 17 days late in voting on the state budget, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger mocked Democratic legislators by calling them“girlie-men.” But who’s the girlie-man now?

The Controllernator Says No.

The LA Times reports today that California Controller has sided with unions in suit challenging Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Accordingto the report State Controller John Chiang refuses to implement the governor’s order forcing state workers to take days off without pay. A spokesman for Schwarzenegger says the move is ‘politically calculated.’ Michael Rothfeld and Patrick McGreevy Reporting…

State Budget Day 31

A Liberal OC source spoke to Senator Perata yesterday about the budget.  Contrary to some of what has been printed in the media, he is not optimistic about reaching any kind of a budget deal any time soon.  At this time, he does not see how the final budget will come together.  Perata said that the other…

Controllernator Says No to Terminator

The LATimes reported on thursday that Governor Schwarzenegger plans to issue an executive order next week cutting the salaries of almost 200,000 state workers if the Legislature doesn’t pass a state budget by August 1st. In a press statement, State Controller John Chiang said; “There is sufficient cash to make all payments, including state payroll, through…