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San Diego Catholic Church Bulletin says “if you vote for Democrats, you’re going to Hell”

  The San Diego Union Tribune ran this hysterical story about a church bulletin for a San Diego-based Catholic Church that says if you vote for Democrats, you’re going to hell.  The church, the Immaculate Conception Church in Old Town, will host a polling station next Tuesday and they doubled down on their political activity this…

Tribune wins auction for Register

Tribune, which publishes the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union Tribune in Southern California, is the new owner of Freedom Communications and the Orange County Register and the Press-Enterprise in the Inland Empire.  There were considerable pleas from a number of community leaders calling for the Register to retain “local ownership” but the…

The Devil in the Details of the CUSD Strike

I’ve been writing about Capistrano Unified School District and the struggles with our current Board of Trustees. The teachers went on strike Thursday even as talks began regarding the contract imposed by the CUSD Board of Trustees.

The details are important because they seem to be getting lost in translation between the media, the administration, the union and the parents. The issue is that Teachers are willing to take pay cuts, they just don’t want them to be permanent. There are other issues as well, which I’ve written about but the real issue is the board, who funded their race and the ultimate goal of a number of organizations to privatize our public education system.