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Diaz & Pulido, Two sides, Same Coin

On November 2nd, I truly hope the people of Santa Ana have a revolution at the ballot booth and boot Pulido from office. Then, and only then, will many of the South County and Hills Democrats open their eyes and see for themselves the real Pulido, a man more concerned with the perks of office and impressing his buddies in South County and The Hills than taking care of the people he was entrusted to care for.

The Loretta Sanchez Republican Curse

What is it about Loretta that causes all her opponents to completely meltdown. Since 1998, this woman has been targeted(despite how the GOP tries to spin it) by the Republicans for defeat, each time something seems to happen to her Republican opponents that cause a meltdown of epic proportions. One has to wonder, is someone…

2008 SAUSD Election: An Analysis Part 1

2008 was the first time there was an open seat on the school board, where at least one incumbent was not seeking re-election since 1998. Longtime board member and comic relief Rosemarie Avila was finally retiring to take on Loretta Sanchez in a quixotic run for Congress. Immediately, people began speculating, who will be “the…