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Redistricting Hearing: A lesson in Democracy

Lan Nguyen, Tri Ta, and Tyler Diep wait to address the Citizen's Redistricting Commission, Photo: Chris Prevatt

I guess I suspected a bunch of people who had already made up their minds to be sitting on the Dias. I expected the room to be about as empty as a city Council meeting towards its end as well. To say the least, what I saw on Friday night at the Orange County Public Hearing for the California Citizens Redistricting Commission exceeded my expectations, in a good way.

Galloway not involved with deceptive slate mailer

“My campaign did not buy on to this slate nor did it buy into any slate. One really doesn’t ever know what is official and what is not. If you look at the slate piece, my name does not have a star after the name. The star indicates that the candidate purchased the place on the slate.”

Rose Epinoza Ad Pulled from Orange Juice Blog

Updated: DMedia, the firm responsible for media/PR for the Espinoza campaign restated that an ad on the OJ Blog was not asked for, solicited, approved.  The campaign never asked for the ad and never asked for the ad to be taken down.  The principal of the firm stated he’s not even sure who Art Pedroza…

Fourth Supes Race Getting Crowded – but it’s early

The Orange County Fourth District Supervisor race to replace termed out Supervisor Chris Norby has gotten a bit more crowded over the past week. Already in for the past month or so were Orange County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly, and Fullerton City Councilman Shawn Nelson. Last week, Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway announced to Red County blogger Matt…