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Jesus Christ or Ayn Rand: Pick One, Conservatives

Congressman John Campbell is a fan of fiction author Ayn Rand, but he views on limited government and Libertarianism are completely opposite of Jesus Chris.  Too often , conservatives wear their faith on their sleeve while coveting values that run completely opposite of Christ’s teachings. There’s a terrific article

Ron Paul is Out…Sort Of

Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul, beloved by Republicans in Denial since 2008, is no longer spending money on any primary election activities but hasn;t quite thrown in the towel yet. The Washington Post has the full story here.  The paper reports Paul’s fundraising sources have dried up. From the piece: “Our campaign will continue…

Moonlite Bunny Ranch Brothel Backs Ron Paul for President

Progressive radio host Thom Hartman defines Libertarians as “conservatives who want to smoke pot and patronize prostitutes” without being arrested.  And Republican/Liberatarian presidential candidate Ron Paul sports a new endorsement that fits this definition.  Crazy Uncle Ron, whom the joke goes puts the “Aryan” in Libertarian, has secured the endorsement of the working girls of…

Trump Announcement: A Breakup in Progress?

Donald Trump

Billionaire Donald Trump caused a flurry of speculation on Wednesday when he announced that he would be making a major announcement on Thursday, Groundhog Day. According to Trump adviser Michael Cohen, “the announcement will pertain to the presidential race.” There has been speculation that Mr. Trump will be making an endorsement.

Bill Maher’s Real Time Mocks Republicans (from Irvine)

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gqi5n8d4s3A[/youtube] Okay, so it wasn’t an actual Irvine Republican but an actor playing one on TV, but considering people in town like Allan Bartlett, Steven Choi, Christina Shea, Pat Rodgers, Lynn Schott, Jeff Lalloway and many others, it wasn’t exactly a stretch of the imagination.  HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher and Current TV’s Keith…

Ron Paul Coming to SoCal Next Month

Tea Party favorite Rep. Ron Paul is making his way tot he California Republican Convention next month at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles (nice of Dr. Paul and the Republicans to be holding this function in a UNION hotel).  OC Register opinion writers regularly make claims abotu how much strong appeal Ron Paul has…