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What Do YOU Think About How Your Neighbors Voted?

Check this out! On The Register’s web site, we can now look at how each OC precinct voted in the Democratic and Republican Primaries. So now, we can see whether Hillary won my best friend’s neighborhood in Laguna Hills and whether Romney bested McCain in any Santa Ana precinct. So what do you think about…

Red County For Romney

The LA Times reported a series of endorsements for each candidate; under the Romney file, Matthew Cunnigham , editor of the RedCounty.com blog. This is extraordinary for two reasons: 1. Red County doesn’t have an endorsement on their own pages and 2. A blogger’s endorsement somehow means something.

The YouTube Election: McCain Endorses Romney (in 2002)

I love YouTube.  Anything this bunch of flip-flopping, talk-out-of-both-sides-of-their-mouth, Ring Wing moonBat quasi-conservatives have ever said in the past is somehow recorded and on YouTube.  Here’s John McCain endorsing Mitt Romney’s run for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002. [youtube]QA7JTDjG-Po[/youtube] Quite a different story from last night’s debate at the Reagan Library. Found a lovely site…