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Roman Reyna to Run for Santa Ana City Council

TheLiberalOC confirmed last night that Roman Reyna, an SAUSD trustee, will enter the race for Ward 5 Santa Ana City Council regardless of the legal outcome of the attempt by Claudia Alvarez to extend her term in office by lawsuit. Reyna attended last night’s council meeting and noted speaker after speaker railing against the attempt by…

New SAUSD Oriented Facebook Group

In response to recent OC Register articles regarding the failure of Santa Ana schools, two former SAUSD alumni have started a Facebook page aimed at gathering Facebook members who are either parents or alumni of SAUSD in order to organize and galvanize them to help bring change. The group is called Santa Ana “Education First” which was once the original motto of the City of Santa Ana.

Dissecting the SAUSD

Once again, the SAUSD seeks to sugar coat the problem, claiming they have begun to implement some of the changes demanded by state and federal mandates. Here are some of the options they have in order to get some stimulus money to fix these schools: replace the principal, rehire no more than 50 percent of the staff and change the instructional program; close and reopen as a charter school; close and reassign students to other higher-achieving schools in the district; or replace the principal, increase instructional time and make other changes. So what kind of drastic changes will they make.

2008 SAUSD Election: An Analysis Part 2

As promised, I am going to delve more into what happened with the campaigns, the players involved, and the independent expenditure effort by Planned Parenthood. Full discosure, I was the former Political Coordinator for Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties from April, 2005 until March, 2008 and part of my job duties did…

Same Old Song At SAUSD

    Last year when the citizens of the SAUSD were sold Measure G, they were told that this would not be the boondoggle that Measure C was. They were told that this time the money would be responsibly spent. They said they had to do this now because there was matching funds from the…