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Purity Has Its Place

President Obama surprised some and disappointed others with the tax deal he cut. Ideological purists are up in arms, saying he capitulated yet again. Pragmatists are impressed that he hoodwinked Republicans. One could argue that both perspectives are true.

Debbie Cook Ad: On the Air

The latest in the 46th Congressional District challenge to Dana Rohrabacher by Huntington Beach Mayor Debbie Cook is her TV ad starting tomorrow. Asteroids!  [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKihntwy9x8[/youtube] A TV ad costs $38. Donate the cost of a TV ad for Debbie here: http://www.actblue.com/page/tvad 

Rohrabacher on McCain: “Political Whore”

As my mouse moves from political blog to political blog, I came across this interesting tidbit on Allan Bartlett’s Powder Blue Report.  At a recent BBQ for the CRA, of which Allan was recently elected, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher made an appearance and a speech.  Here’s what Allan posted: On a releated note, on Saturday the…

BREAKING: Debbie Cook Outraises Dana Rohrabacher in CA-46!

UPDATE: Total Buzz also has it up! “We’re really building momentum by talking about the issues and values that people across the district share. Our communities want a member of Congress who will fight for better education and healthcare for our children, who will fight to make sure our veterans have the healthcare and benefits…

CA-46: Crazy Dana’s Got the Thrill of the Drill

“It’s too bad that the president and it’s even worse that the Congress has to wait until the American people are personally suffering until they increase the supply of energy available to our country.” And what do you think “Crazy Dana” Rohrabacher wants to do about it? Invest in solar energy? Wind power? Biomass? Nope,…