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Lincoln Club Members To Buy OC Register

After years of speculation that the LA Times was planning to buy the Orange County Register, a group of investors, all affiliated with the right-wing Lincoln Club of Orange County, have announced a bid to purchase the publication and save it from being co-opted by the “liberal media.”

Nixing Republican purism

From  newsreview.com: After all the talk lately about the Tea Party and the rise of the Republican right, last week’s election was an eye-opener. As veteran Republican political commentator Tony Quinn has observed, not only did the most conservative Republican candidates for statewide office all lose by wide margins, but voters also approved Proposition 14,…

CA-46: Why Is “Crazy Dana” Voting Against Equal Rights?

This just in from the Debbie Cook campaign. It looks like Dana Rohrabacher is at it again putting his own crazy beliefs above the needs of over half the people in the 46th District. Take a look below at what I’m talking about. Cook Questions Rohrabacher Vote Against Equal Pay Bill Huntington Beach–Congressman Dana Rohrabacher…